About Emily O’Brien Photography

I have known Emily for a very long time, we actually went to high school together! She is a wonderful photographer, I had the pleasure of working with her side by side a few months ago organizing a Holiday Theme Style Shoot.  Emily is a self taught artist/photographer, she offers affordable pricing to work with any budget.Emily has strong attention to details, the little things, capturing the moment right at the perfect time. She delivers the best quality of service.

Her primary focus is Lifestyle,Fetish and Fine Art Photography. She loves working with natural light and candid moments. As a freelance photographer with 4 years experience behind her she actually only started out with photographing sunsets and nature, until she ended up having friends and others around ask her how much she charged? She hadn’t really considered a price or making this her career. It was something she enjoyed and was passionate
about doing. That in itself was truly rewarding for her, something else that really inspired her was when she became pregnant with her son almost 3 years ago, and realized she would have this entire journey to capture and want to be able to spend time with her kids. That is when she decided to take her passion and turn it into her career. 

Style Shoot with Emily O’Brien Photography 

Aside from Model shoots and engagement photos Emily also has experience capturing the moments of a number of events such as, birthdays and anniversaries, weddings and other special events. I truly enjoy working with her and I must say she is pretty handy at editing. I will most definitely be using Emily’s services again for future Wedding Style Shoots. I would really love to do a Shabby Chic – Vintage themed Style shoot with her and a few of her fellow models. (Future Blog Post? Stay Tuned!)

Wedding Packages

Caterpillar Package – $600

Covers: Ceremony, Bride & Groom, Family 

Photos, Group Photos, Reception – 6 hour day 

– (2) Photo DVD containing all images( no 

min. or max amount of photos to be taken) – 

(1) Photo Book (9″ x 12″ Printable 

Hardcover)–  (2) 8″ x 10″– (4) 5″ x7″-  

*Complimentary Wallet photos*


Chrysalis Package – $800

Covers: Pre-ceremony,
Ceremony,  Bride & 

Groom,  Group Photos, Family Photos, 

Reception – 8 hour day – (4) Photo DVD 

containing all images( no 

min. or max  # of  photos to 

be taken) – (1) Photo Book 

(9″ x 12″ Printable   

Hardcover)– (1) 11″ x 14″ – 

(3)  8″ x 10″– (6) 5″ x 7″

*Complimentary Wallet 


Butterfly Package – $1000
Covers: Pre-ceremony, Ceremony, 
Bride & Groom, Group  Photos,  
Family Photos, Reception – 8 hour day– 
(6) Photo DVD containing  all images( no 
min. or max amount of  photos  to be  
taken(2) Photo Book (9″ x 
12″ Printable  Hardcover) – (2) 11″ x 14″ – (4 
8″ x 10″ – (10) 5″ x 7″ *Complimentary Wallet 


Boudoir Sessions 


Photographers Home Studio $200
Private In-Home Sessions $275
Sessions Include:
-1 Photo CD/DVD (20+ Images)
– 1 Photo Book Album
– 1 hour
If you would be interested in more information in regards to the services Emily O’Brien Photography offers, feel free to contact her via any of the means below! 
Emily O’Brien Photography
Website: www.emilyophotography.com
Phone: (647) 237-8477