It’s always nice to be able to incorporate the kids into your wedding day.  So many couples do opt for an “adults only” wedding due to the fact, let’s face it,  kids can be unpredictable. Their attention span is normal that of a gnat, and weddings for a child can be just down – right boring. The long drawn out speech made by the officiant,  the several readings made during the ceremony, makes for a dull afternoon for the child who wants nothing more than to get up, run around and play.
Then comes the reception, the time where they have to sit in their designated seat and wait patiently and quietly as they wait for dinner to be served.
  Often wedding menus typically don’t cater too well to kids and many will protest to eating the beautiful garden salad presented before them. See if your venue or caterer can accommodate a children’s menu with things such as chicken nuggets, spaghetti, pizza etc.  Speeches are made and a whole lot more long drawn out boringness in a child’s eyes, adults even get bored sometimes too so kudos goes to the little ones who do actually sit throughout without causing a fuss. They don’t care how proud the Bride’s Mother is to see her daughter finally tying the knot to the man of her dreams. They usually don’t care for the slide show of photos of the bride and groom as they grew up, usually ending up in a distressed mother of the child trying to quiet the frustrated screams of their 3 year old who has about had enough of the entire ordeal.
Weddings are typically set in the late afternoon,  evening where young children are used to having a nap. The wedding forgoes this ritual and you end up with tired,  cranky, non-cooperative children. As a wedding planner, I have a few tips, tricks and ideas to assist you with ensuring that even the youngest of guests truly get to enjoy celebrating your big day.
Kids like activities,  kids like interaction and fun things to do.  An idea I really like is, if you are having an outdoor wedding,  why not set up a ring toss or if space allows, a few badminton rackets and birdies (this goes especially well with a vintage theme if you can locate vintage pieces). Bubbles make a great photography background, put the little ones to work, get them to be your very own bubble machine! It’s fun and the kids would be absolutely delighted that they were included.
There are tons of Wedding Themed Colouring
Printables online, check out my Pinterest Board for
Templates and Printables to download your own.
For indoor weddings, there are still many ways you can provide the kiddies with activities to keep them occupied. Try setting up a wedding themed craft table. You can either allocate an adult to be in charge of them or hire an ECE for a few hours and have them do some arts and crafts as favours to take home with them as keepsakes. Involve them in the reception, a game of freeze dance never hurt anybody! Heck, you won’t believe how many adults will join in on the fun. Hand out small prizes to the top 3 winners of the game. They will be absolutely thrilled and feel that they are at the best party they’ve ever been to in their 6 year long life!
There are many ways to assist with ensuring that the kids who are important in your lives have fun while attending your wedding. Basically you just need to be able to keep them entertained so that they don’t get bored. Bored children equals temporary melt downs. Avoid the turmoil, with some of these great tips.
Including kids in your Wedding Party Line-Up? Stay-tuned for my upcoming blog post about working with kids in the wedding party.